5 Diving watches under $150 from wristfull.com with 300m or deeper water resistance

5 Diving watches under $150 from wristfull.com with 300m or deeper water resistance - Tandorio Watches

1.About wristfull.com

 wristfull.com is a chinese watches hub that provide premium automatic dive watches usually under $150. All of the selected watches are made with above 100m water resistance and mostly with sapphire glass.



2.Diving watches

Diving watches have become a popular accessory not only for underwater enthusiasts but also for those who appreciate a robust and stylish timepiece. For those on a budget, finding a reliable diving watch that doesn’t compromise on essential features can be challenging. In this guide, we explore diving watches under the $150 mark that offer sapphire glass, 300m water resistance, and are powered by the reliable Japan Seiko NH34, NH35, or Pt5000 movement.


  1. Sapphire Glass: Durable and scratch-resistant, sapphire glass is a key feature to consider in a dive watch. While many budget watches use mineral crystal, finding one with sapphire glass elevates the timepiece’s longevity and ensures clarity underwater and in everyday use.
  2. 300m Water Resistance: A crucial aspect of any true diving watch is its water resistance. A rating of 300 meters ensures that the watch can handle recreational diving activities without compromising its performance. This feature is essential for individuals who enjoy underwater adventures or simply want a timepiece that can withstand various water-related activities.
  3. Japan Seiko NH34, NH35, Nh38: The movement is the engine that powers a watch. Japan Seiko’s NH34 and NH35 movements are well-regarded for their reliability and accuracy, making them popular choices in affordable diving watches. 



Top Picks:

  1. Addiesdive H6 1000M Water ResistanceAddiesdive Pro Diver Series offers an extensive range of affordable diving watches. Many models within this series boast sapphire crystal, 1000m water resistance, and are equipped with the Seiko NH35 movement. The Pro Diver Series combines functionality with a classic design, making it a reliable and stylish choice for diving enthusiasts.
    1. Pagani Design PD-1719: The Pagani Design PD-1719 is a budget-friendly dive watch that features sapphire glass, 300m water resistance, and is powered by the Seiko NH38a movement. Its robust build and classic design make it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable diving companion without breaking the bank.
    2. Steeldive 1953: The Steeldive 1953 is a well-crafted dive watch that often falls within the budget range. With sapphire glass, 300m water resistance, and the seiko NH35 movement, this timepiece offers a blend of durability and accuracy. The Steeldive brand is known for producing quality watches inspired by classic designs, making this  timepiece  a great choice for watch enthusiasts.
    3. Steeldive 1992 GMT: Steeldive 300m water resistance GMT is one of best crafted diving watches under $500 budget
    4. Tandorio T138. Tandorio T138 is carefully made with ceramic bezel ,double ar domed sapphire glass and NH35 movement.


    Finding a diving watch that combines sapphire glass, 300m water resistance, and a reliable movement under a $150 budget is indeed possible. The key is to explore reputable brands and models that prioritize these essential features without compromising quality. Whether you’re an avid diver or someone who appreciates a robust timepiece, the options listed above offer a great starting point for affordable and feature-rich diving watches.