Is Seiko NH35 automatic movement the best cost effective one?

Is Seiko NH35 automatic movement the best cost effective one? - Tandorio Watches

The Seiko NH35 is a widely used automatic movement in the watch industry, renowned for its reliability and affordability. It's produced by Time Module Inc. (TMI), a subsidiary of Seiko. Here's an introduction to the NH35:

  1. Automatic Movement: The NH35 is an automatic movement, meaning it's self-winding. It harnesses the natural motion of the wearer's wrist to wind the watch's mainspring, eliminating the need for manual winding.

  2. Accuracy: The NH35 is known for its accuracy, typically running within the range of -10 to +20 seconds per day. This level of accuracy is beyond standard for mechanical movements in its price range.

  3. Power Reserve: It boasts a power reserve of approximately 41 hours when fully wound. This means the watch can continue to operate for about two days without further winding or movement.

  4. Hacking and Hand-Winding: The NH35 includes both hacking and hand-winding features. Hacking allows the second hand to stop when the crown is pulled out to set the time, enabling precise time setting. Hand-winding enables manual winding of the mainspring, useful when the watch has not been worn for some time.

  5. Reliability: Seiko has a reputation for producing robust and reliable movements, and the NH35 is no exception. It's engineered to withstand daily wear and tear and is often found in dive watches and other timepieces designed for demanding environments.

  6. Aftermarket Support: One of the advantages of the NH35 movement is its popularity, which has led to a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories being available. This makes it easier for watch enthusiasts to customize and repair watches powered by the NH35.

Overall, the Seiko NH35 is a dependable and widely used movement in the watch industry, prized for its reliability, accuracy, and affordability.